Celestia's Cheap DA Solution For Ethereum Rollups Just Got Real

Recently Succinct Labs has announced their work in collaboration with Celestia team, Blobstream X.


BlobstreamX is a ZK-Tendermint light client solution that allows Ethereum smart contracts to cheaply run a Celestia light client. As such, Ethereum smart contracts can now verify data committed to Celestia.

This offers orders of magnitude cheaper alternative way for rollups to secure their data. Namely, an Ethereum-settled rollup, instead of paying expensive Etheruem gas for DA, can now use Celestia as a much cheaper (but imo still highly secure) DA layer yet continue to settle on Ethereum.

Obviously there is a tradeoff in security assumptions. Instead of rollups relying purely on Ethereum, they will now be relying on attestations of Celestia validators. I suspect many rollups, will be comfortable with this tradeoff bc

  1. Celestia enables DAS thus can be cheaply verified by anyone (perhaps users of Ethereum rollups) running Celestia light nodes. In worse case, any malicious attestation from Celestia validators can be easily detected and handled via social consensus.
  2. Celestia is an app-specific chain for DA only. Would be in the best interest to act honestly as the native token value is highly dependent to it.
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