Crypto Insider Talks - Nov. 2023 (Video)

There’s plenty to talk about in crypto right now, so this month’s Crypto Insider Talks covers quite a bit of ground. Some of the topics discussed include:

  • Updates on the market outlook (risk rallying, USD weakness, China liquidity injections, etc.)
  • Widening breadth of crypto assets participating in the market rally
  • Coinbase outperformance (and why the Street is still sleeping on COIN)
  • Acceleration in liquid token launches and impact on crypto market liquidity
  • Informal thoughts on notable crypto trends and protocols e.g. TAO, KIN, INJ, LINK, SOL, & Solana’s growing list of liquid tokens + announcements (PYTH, JTO, JUP, etc.)

The full episode is available for Delphi Pro members, so be sure to check it out and share your own thoughts in the comments!


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