Remilia finally announced its official ecosystem token, raising $20M in 12 hours through a public sale. This accounts for 15% of the total supply; 50% of tokens will go towards the Cult Fund, 20% to the treasury, and 15% to the team. Of the total supply destined towards the Cult Fund, 50% will be available up...
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Good write-up! Help me put $CULT into context?

Last cycle we had OHM as the big cult-like movement. I never really paid attn to Remilia that closely -- is it mainstream-suitable or more a niche cult?

It's meme & community first, product second. What's the "imageboard" product tho: 4chan a rougher version of Reddit and thus part of SocialFi?

I would say remilia is quite mainstream right now within crypto - since they are behind Milady and Remilio NFTs. Beyond this, some trending memecoins such as PEPE and MOG come from the community. Even though it's more mainstream now, the whole ethos remains more counterculture than other NFT communities out there - and more internet native.

On the imageboard, I haven't thought about this, but yeah MiladyChan would fit in within SocialFi - since there's going to be economic incentives through the manipulation engine.