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Delphi Roundup | August 30th

Recent Research

📊 Opportunities in Web3 Mobile Gaming – 8/29

  • The most recent estimates state that by the end of 2023, there will be a total of 3.38B gamers, and this number will grow 12% to reach 3.79B by 2026. Out of those 3.38B, more than 80% are expected to engage with mobile gaming content in some form.
  • Furthermore, >50% of gaming’s $184.4B in global revenue in 2022 came from the mobile market segment.
  • This report will put forward the bull case for blockchain games taking a mobile-first approach, outline the opportunities and challenges in implementing this new technology, and highlight some of our key areas and projects of interest.

📊 WTF Is Anoma? Part 1: WTF Are Intents? – 8/28

  • Anoma is not a blockchain. Or, more accurately, not just a blockchain. Anoma is an architecture.
  • Intent-centric execution is generally understood as a paradigm where users express what they want and rely on third-party agents and intermediaries to make it happen.
  • For the sake of clarity, users retain custody of their assets, but the complexity of interacting with blockchains is abstracted away from users and pushed towards these sophisticated third-party agents.
  • Part 1 of this series focuses on intents, counterparty discovery, and solvers.

📊 Pro Crypto Insider Talks – August 2023 – 8/28

  • Kevin and Raoul discuss their latest market outlooks, reactions to market volatility, and where they see crypto and traditional markets heading from here.
  • Key topics include: reactions to the recent selloff, short and long-term outlooks, where we are in the current cycle, potential negative impacts of spot ETFs,’s viral growth, and more.

Relevant Reminder

📌 Bull v Bear – Sunset & Horizons – 8/23

  • In our season finale of Bull v Bear, we dissect the recent market selloffs, spotlighting tokens that performed well. As we ponder on endings, we also cast our gaze forward, predicting what the next months hold. Then, in the Bullish or Bearish section, we go back and forth on the whirlwind rise of, Base’s impact on COIN, Curve’s continued price concerns, NVIDIA’s earnings anticipation, and the sustainability of Rune’s new rise.
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