Delphi Roundup | July 5th

Recent Research

📊 June Gaming Roundup – 7/3

  • The QoQ change in token trading volume has fallen by 44% across the top 10 gaming tokens by market cap.
  • Overlord will launch its first Web3 game using ImmutableX’s blockchain infrastructure later this year.
  • Zynga is actively hiring for its Web3 gaming unit. Zynga first announced its interest in Web3 in 2021 when it created its blockchain-focused gaming unit.
  • Ava Labs unveiled Arcad3, a Web2 → Web3 mentorship program. The new initiative aims to support existing Web3 gaming teams like Shrapnel and DeFi Kingdoms and act as a bridge to help Web2 developers implement blockchain features.

📊 Pro Crypto Insider Talks – June 2023 – 6/29

  • Delphi’s Head of Research Kevin Kelly sits down with Ash Bennington and Raoul Pal to discuss the latest happenings in the markets.

📊 A Primer for Fully On-Chain Games – 6/29

  • If you believe blockchain’s role in gaming is to evolve beyond an incremental value add, then a natural path of progression for many projects will be towards an end-state that is fully on-chain.
  • We are witnessing a renaissance in blockchain gaming and expect to see innovative ideas and credible products make it to market over the next 12-24 months.
  • That said, the current technical limitations mean that we are unlikely to see product-market fit or scalable games in the near term.

Relevant Reminder

📌 Bull v Bear – Blackrock’s Bitcoin Surge – 6/28

  • Dive into an electrifying Bull vs. Bear episode where we tackle the seismic impact of Blackrock’s prospective Bitcoin ETF on BTC’s resurgence past the 30k mark. Amid SEC filings against Coinbase, its chosen custodian, we’ll explore what this development means for the industry in our Market Matters segment.
  • In Bull vs. Bear, we debate whether Blackrock’s potential ETF means the crypto industry and Solana, in particular, have regained credibility in the aftermath of the FTX debacle.
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