Delphi Roundup | March 2nd

Recent Research

📊 Radiant Capital Finds Initial Traction, But Will It Sustain? – 3/1

  • While money markets like Aave exist on many different blockchains, they don’t have full cross-chain functionality. Radiant v1 leverages Stargate’s stable router interface.
  • Overall, the core idea behind Radiant Capital could fill a big gap in the market. But if the incentives for capital provision and utilization don’t match the rest of the market, that could hinder their growth prospects.

📊 Inside the Leading PFP Ecosystems – 2/28

  • In this report, we explore three major PFP ecosystems and delve into how they are positioning themselves for success.
  • Azuki, Clone X, and Doodles have established strong communities within Web3 and are building momentum towards interesting future roadmaps.

📊 A Look at Convex’s Business Model and a Looming Catalyst – 2/27

  • In this update, we will delve into Convex’s metrics, its current dominance on Curve, its business model’s performance, and how crvUSD could potentially serve as a catalyst for further growth.

Relevant Reminder

📌 The State of ZK-Bridges – 2/16

  • Natively verified bridges like Rainbow and IBC are considered to be the closest to “trustless” across L1s.
  • However, they have two main limitations: cost and extensibility. To verify each other’s consensus, the chains must continuously keep track of the active validator sets and verify their signatures (consensus votes).
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