- The New Meta?

About a year ago, one of the most celebrated crypto traders, GCR, posted his thoughts on future altcoin trends, which you can read by clicking here. To save you the click, he essentially imagines a future where every entity will be tokenized. Although we are far from that reality, the launch of is the closest we have come to it. essentially allows one to buy/sell shares of any account on X. In the brief period since its launch, it has already done 3.58K ETH in volume, with 80K unique transactions from 8K unique users.

The application is an invitation-only for the time being. Upon getting an invite code and creating an account, a user can deposit ETH to an external wallet and use the proceeds to buy/sell shares of accounts on X. There is no functionality that allows you to connect your own wallet through an injector, but you can export the private key of the deposit address.

The application is quite jumpy, but it is expected, given the reception it has received.

Top CT influencers such as Cobie and Hsaka have seen their shares rise to the top, with each hitting a high of ~ 2.4 and ~2.1 ETH, respectively. Upon buying shares of an account, the application allows you to enter a room with them, which essentially serves as a private chat room.

Although far from the final product, the application seems to be promising and does open up the doors to unprecedented interactions.

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