Getting a BIT Mantle

BitDAO has undergone a rebranding to Mantle, effectively consolidating its ecosystems under the Mantle brand. To provide context:

  • BitDAO is an ecosystem investment DAO closely affiliated with Bybit.
  • Mantle Network is an Optimistic rollup backed by BitDAO’s funding.

This rebranding was initiated with the intention of unifying the BitDAO/Mantle community under one brand — Mantle — to eliminate any existing division and encourage collaborative efforts. Importantly, while this rebranding alters the outward appearance of BitDAO, it doesn’t impact its operational framework. BitDAO will continue functioning as it has been.

This report will dive into how Mantle Network’s modular L2 solution works, why it stands a strong chance of a successful launch, and what potential future could unfold for the Mantle ecosystem.

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