Gitcoin Passport Something Something April

I’ve heard rumors of a Gitcoin Passport scoring rework, and the Gitcoin Passport X account appears to be teasing something even bigger in April.

Airdrop strategy is still very much a work in progress, with no one having solved the Sybil problem. L1s/L2s in particular may have a hard time utilizing a linear airdrop.

There are several blue chip L2s rumored to be launching a token this year: zkSync, Scroll, and Linea. These projects will likely have high valuations and are obvious targets for airdrop farmers. Linea Voyage has nearly 3 million accounts associated with the program.

Gitcoin passport would be an amazing way to Sybil protect these airdrops, which would likely be much larger on a per ticket basis if they were to retain the value often extracted by Sybils.


If you haven’t onboarded to Gitcoin passport, the time is now! You get to push forward an extremely important public good, and there could be other benefits soon. I recommend acquiring the Holonym, Civic, and Coinbase stamps, as they are more ironclad Sybil defenses that should be more heavily weighted in the event of an new scoring rubric. Don’t sign up with the easy stamps and think you’ve done enough. Try to enjoy playing with the new identity primitives as you boost your score.

People may soon be a lot more interested in ID tech!

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Likely the end of US VPN airdrop claiming. Time to move somewhere fun my Yankee friends!

haha you think so? its certainly a possibility, but i think might still be viable in the short term. None of gitcoin passport stamps, except for maybe coinbase give insight on jurisdiction. And i don't see why zkSync or others would bend over backwards to alienate part of their user base