Immortal Game Has a Space Advantage

Immortal Game is a Web3 chess platform with optional play-to-earn variants. Users can collect chess piece NFTs that carry in-game challenges. Users earn CMT, the platforms in-game currency, by collecting these NFTs and completing their corresponding challenges. Players compete in weekly leaderboards for their share of a prize pool, which can consist of ETH, CMT, and Immortal chess piece NFTs.

Immortal Game has shown consistent growth since its launch. Users of the Immortal variant have grown steadily, along with total games played. To date, nearly 2.5M games have been played. Five minute blitz is the dominant game type, but one minute bullet has recently been added. If we assume each game takes 7.5 minutes on average, Immortal Game’s users collectively have ~310K gameplay hours.

The Graphic above shows total games by variant. The illiquidity and lack of current utility of CMT suggests this usage is organic. This is impressive product market fit, given the general reliance of the crypto gaming space on ponzinomics to acquire and retain users.

The Immortal and Ageless cohorts have played a comparable amount of games to Standard, but with far fewer users. This speaks to the sustainability of the core product. Immortal Game seems to have earned a competitive, loyal user group for its Immortal and Ageless game variants. However, the vastly larger user count of Standard could be a concern. Immortal Game’s overall platform does not yet compare to or Lichess. If Immortal is acquiring new users but failing to funnel them into its NFT-based game modes, it is unlikely to gain traction.

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