Infinity Pools Beta is Here!

Back in March, we released a report exploring the potential of Infinity Pools, one of the most hyped DeFi projects in recent memory. Infinity Pools is a standalone concentrated liquidity AMM that facilitates the lending and borrowing of LP positions in order to mimic a perps exchange. By doing so, it boasts over 2,000x leverage and superior yield for LPs, without relying or liquidations or oracles.


At long last, the Infinity Pools beta is live. This is a super barebones version of the protocol, connected directly to the Infinity Pools back end – it doesn’t use testnet tokens, but the user must sign a tx on Arbitrum Goerli.

Still, this is a great opportunity for users to play around with the most talked about crypto project of early 2023 and re-engage with the community. To get started, use think link in the tweet above to fill out a short questionnaire, which will direct you to the beta upon completion.

Notice the hourly interest rate in the bottom right corner of the screenshot above? We may soon have another addition to the DeFi-native funding table.

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