Introducing the BRC-69 Bitcoin Token Standard

Luminex, a platform supporting Bitcoin Ordinals and BRC-20 projects, has introduced a groundbreaking Bitcoin token standard called BRC-69, revolutionizing data limitations and reducing transaction costs.

The scarcity and costliness of Bitcoin block spaces have posed challenges for creators to materialize their ideas as the number of inscriptions grows, leading to a bottleneck.

BRC-69 tackles these issues head-on by eliminating the previous 4MB restrictions on Bitcoin Ordinals inscriptions. This breakthrough has resulted in an impressive reduction of over 90% in both the time and cost required for inscription creation.

This achievement is made possible through a streamlined 4-step process involving inscribing traits, deploying, compiling, and minting. With BRC-69, minters only need to inscribe a single line of text instead of a full image. The final image is then automatically rendered on all ordinals-frontends using on-chain resources, thanks to the concept of recursive inscriptions.

The end result is a fully rendered image without any compromise while conserving Bitcoin’s valuable block space.

With the new token standard, creators can now launch collections with a completely on-chain pre-reveal process, opening up new possibilities for their projects.

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How does this work Yen? Is the line of text like a content URI which points to the image resources somewhere else?

@Gutz Basically looks something like this: <script t="10,1,2,3" src="/content/<compile inscription id>" m='{"p":"brc69" "op":"mint" "s":"ordibots" "id":"0"}' ></script>

Its essentially a HTML type inscription, difference is that it allows any front-end with recursive inscriptions to automatically render the image using on-chain inscribed data

Man, that is super cool. So theoretically inscriptions could pull info from basically any other inscription on chain?