Is Mythos Chain The Most Popular Gaming-Focused Blockchain?

After being listed on Cryptoslam earlier this month, the Mythos Chain jump instantly to the number three spot. V2 of Mythical Game’s proprietary blockchain network (technically governed by the Mythos (DAO) Foundation), has seen greater NFT sales volume compared to more established chains, such as Solana, Polygon, and ImmutableX over the past seven days. Furthermore, Mythos saw 144% more sales transactions than the number one chain, Ethereum!

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As I mentioned in my previous post, Mythos actually sees relatively low numbers when it comes to Web3-native NFT project trading. In fact, the vast majority of trading activity comes from DMarket, an in-game assets marketplace that was acquired by Mythical in January.

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Additionally, DMarket specializes in CS:GO skins. Despite being a Web2 game, since the Mythical acquisition, all transactions (both Web2 and Web3) are recorded on the Mythos Chain, which explains the large levels of trading volume.

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DMarket is actually only the 6th largest marketplace, in terms of total assets value, that specializes in CS:GO skins trading. The CS:GO skins market is estimated (VERY conservatively) to have a total market cap of $4B (roughly the same as BAYC’s MCap at its peak in September 2022) and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.

The acquisition of DMarket didn’t garner much attention earlier this year but it was a smart play by Mythical who now has a direct link to traditional gamers who are trading NFTs without even knowing it.

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