More Than Just Memes

The past few weeks have been alive with the sound of memes in crypto markets. But fear not if you’ve mid-curved the trend — or just haven’t had the opportunity to ape in an instant.

The AI trend is alive and well, and over the past week alone has seen a resurgence in the price action of two tokens, specifically: (FET) and Render (RNDR).

This is nothing new. The growth of AI over the past several years has been explosive, in terms of interest, investment, and products that are fundamentally changing our daily patterns.

One way to quantify this in public markets is to calculate the max drawup (gain), which is the mathematical inverse of the better-known “max drawdown.” Looking back to 2015, the growth in NVIDIA’s stock price, alongside the appreciation of FET and RNDR’s price is eye-popping.

Here is a zoomed-in version, so that we can see the latest levels more clearly:

Yes, that’s a 20,000% max gain. Opportunities are everywhere; we just need to look for them.

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