New Utility Coming Soon For Pudgy Penguin "Rogs"

Pudgy Penguins has given new life to Rogs, which was previously known as Pudgy Presents that failed as an airdrop NFT during the last Christmas season. Now, Rogs has been reimagined as a utility NFT that will function as a multiplier for specific licensing deals, on-chain drops, or claims in the future. The benefits of using Rogs will be determined by whether it is combined with a Genesis Pudgy or Lil Pudgy, and its utility will be implemented for the first time in Q2 with the introduction of Project Overpass.

The multiplier associated with using Rogs will depend on the rarity and distribution of the NFT, and these factors may vary depending on the specific initiative. However, some on-chain drops, like Soul Bound Tokens, will not be affected by the multiplier. To illustrate, the team provided an example where a Rare Rog combined with a Genesis or Lil Pudgy could increase a licensing deal royalty by 1.8x, while an Epic Rog could amplify it by 3x.

pudgy rogs.png

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