NFT Aggregator Wars

june chartbook 5.png

Within the NFT aggregator realm, Blur still reigns supreme, capturing an average overall aggregator volume of 64% in May, compared to 53% in April. This marks a notable 9% increase compared to the previous month. In contrast, OpenSea Pro experienced a decline in its aggregator volume market share, dropping from 47% in April to 36% in May. This shift can be attributed to opportunistic traders capitalizing on Blur token incentives and the launch of the new Blend product.

While Blur continues to dominate NFT aggregation, OpenSea Pro managed to steal the limelight during the week of April 24th, achieving a volume market share of 52%. This milestone marked the first time since September 2022 that OpenSea Pro surpassed Blur in market share. With a total aggregation of 172 marketplaces, OpenSea Pro currently offers the broadest coverage among all NFT aggregators. However, it is important to note that a significant portion of OpenSea Pro’s aggregated trades are sourced from Blur itself, as Blur continues to possess the deepest liquidity and trading volume. OpenSea Pro stands out in specific niche market segments, such as ERC-1155 coverage and the Artblocks collection, but it is expected that competitors will catch up in terms of coverage breadth in due course.

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