Noble Announces March 27 Mainnet

Noble has announced their mainnet launch for March 27th. As a refresher, Noble is a Cosmos appchain that will be used for asset issuance, the most notable being USDC. Originally planned to be a consumer chain of the Hub, it is going to launch as proof of authority with a subset of the Hub validators with the aim of transitioning to a consumer chain over time once ICS has been thoroughly tested. Noble is expected to issue the USDC that will be used on dYdX v4 when it launches (tentatively) at the end of the year. It will also allow native USDC integrations throughout IBC. There is no timeline announced as to when USDC is going live, but mainnet is the first step to making it happen.

Noble is also launching a campaign with until April 20th where holders of the FRNZ token can mint an NFT on Stargaze. More details are in the blog post.


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