Notable Upcoming Mints: Dimensionals EVE

Dimensionals is the first IP from Mino Games, a mobile games developer led by Sasha Mackinnon and Josh Buckley. The studio has gained considerable traction in recent months and opened up allow list applications for its second mint on April 26th.

What you need to know:

  • Free mint

  • 2k supply – 1k allocated to genesis NFT holders

  • Factory NFT that generates playable characters

  • Provides early access

  • P2W in-game boosts provided to holders


Why Bullish:

  • Recently raised $15M in funding (to add to the $30M they raised in 2019)

  • 60M downloads across all games

  • Previous Web2 title made $2M in the first month

  • First mint – Genesis Dimensional Stones – hit an ATH floor of 3.6ETH

  • Potential to profit from future collections airdropped to holders

Why Bearish:

  • First mint has fallen by 76% since mint

  • Recently released gameplay trailer negatively impacted investor expectations

  • Still VERY early in development



  • Good R/R as a free mint

  • Unlikely to outperform OG collection and expect prices to fall mid/long term

  • A good quick flip if you have allow list

  • Price will very likely fall immediately after mint – good chance to by in if you’re willing to hold long term

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