Pandora Perspective

Disclosure: I hold $PANDORA. My Pandora Thesis Many people look at the $PANDORA chart and think the 404 narrative is played out and that $PA...
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I like the guys from MetaStreet and they'll release their gov token as ERC404.

Wassie NFT holder received an airdrop of CHIB => also ERC404 (performance has been quite bad tho)

Yeah, PA on Pandora has been miserable. Hoping for a better second half!

Thanks for your share.
I'm wondering why we need a specialized 404 DEX?How soon can we find 404s on solana?

I think Solana has something similar. SPL20s, or SPL22 I think. I am not to sure.

Regarding the Dex, I don't know. The team hasn't shared any confirmed details on its function yet so I really couldn't say. It could have something to do with how ERC404 v2 works though.