Solana Getting L2s

There have been some recent announcements recently with projects signalling the intention to launch as a Solana L2.


The first is Zeta, the perp DEX that currently resides on L1. We’ve spoken before about how perp DEX’s are suitable for appchains/approllups as you only need to support one or a few collateral assets.


The second is Grass, an AI data project that will move to its own chain and settle on Solana.


Lastly, could DRiP be the third? Their founder vibhu has discussed the limitations of Solana in recent days and is re-thinking what they put on & off-chain.


Don’t forget that Solana already has an L2 with code. Is Solana getting more modular?

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With Solana's speed and transaction volume, what is the desire for launching an L2? Are there existing or planned future use cases that need more transaction volume?

solana still can't handle everything, especially if you're an app like drip or grass that needs hundreds of thousands tps