Solo, Liquid, or Centralized: A Guide to Staking ETH

The launch of Ethereum’s Shapella upgrade marks a significant moment that allows the withdrawal of staked ETH from the Beacon Chain, a feature that was previously unavailable. As highlighted in our earlier report on ETH staking, this newfound function paradoxically may not trigger a mass withdrawal. Instead, we anticipate growth in the amount of staked ETH as this upgrade offers clarity around withdrawal timelines and, consequently, lowers the overall risk for stakers. Since the Shapella upgrade, we have observed a significant increase in staked ETH, with total staked ETH exceeding 20M.
As an ETH holder, you might be contemplating staking your ETH holdings to earn yields. In this report, we delve into the diverse options available for staking ETH, the latest developments in ETH staking, and strategies that could amplify the compounding effects of your earnings.
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