Some Friend Tech Alpha

I haven’t been as active on Twitter lately, cos I’ve been diving down Friend Tech (FT) instead.

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I sat down to think about a strategy for FT if I were joining today, based on what I’ve seen so far.

Two caveats:

  • None of this is financial advice, just my thoughts on how I would approach it
  • This assumes that you’re bullish on FT and its growth: if you’re not, this would be irrelevant.

Tactic #1: Selectively acquiring keys of the top 10 – 20 FT accounts, with a preference for those who are FT-native vs existing influencers. e.g. Racer/Levi/Pancakesbrah vs Cobie/Ansem.

FT-native preferred because they’re doing something unique here and could capture more of the upside.

I’m not buying them for the alpha, cos all the chats are easily visible on the aggregators. Rather, they serve as index value for FT’s continued growth.

Think about this: If you were an investor that’s looking to get into FT for price appreciation or to farm the airdrop (e.g you expect the FT token to be 1B+ FDV), there’re only a few ways you can deploy a reasonable amount of capital: mostly by buying up top accounts at a few ETH a pop, instead of 100s of smaller accs.

And because points are heavily weighted towards portfolio value, I expect top accounts to grind up over time, assuming FT doesn’t implode (there are always risks)

Until we reach around the midway point of the airdrop (~2 months more). At that point, people will start thinking about their exit strategy: there’ll be a lot of game theory at play then

Tactic #2: Look out for top Twitter influencers that joined FT initially and whose keys got a bot/fomo pump, but were not active on FT and sold off. One thing that is under appreciated on FT is how network effects grow exponentially there.

Many influencers joined initially then stopped using FT 1 – 2 weeks ago because they couldn’t find anything interesting. But things are changing…

As more people become active on FT, there are more interesting conversations and people to talk to, increasing the perceived value of FT for each individual user which pulls even more people in.

I think its inevitable that many active Twitter folks will divert more of their time towards FT, as long as it doesn’t implode.

TL;dr: Acquire keys of top people you like/respect but haven’t been v active yet. Buy, hold and wait for their FT conversion moment.

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Hey Teng, do you think FT has a life after the airdrop? I know we often see promising metrics pre-airdrop and then a pretty fast drop afterward. Just curious on your take.

It depends on what the product is like by the time the airdrop comes. In its current state, it's going to be tough beyond the airdrop.

The FT team has a couple of months to get the product to a stage where people can feel that it has wider potential besides airdrop speculation.