Tomorrow is the unexpected launch of Shrapnel's Token ($SHRAP)

A popular Web3 shooter called Shrapnel is reportedly launching their token tomorrow. Bybit announced that the listing would go live very soon along with a cheeky 9M token incentive.

The floor price for Shrapnel NFTs almost doubled at the time of writing but it is unclear where prices could go from here. The utility behind Shrapnel Operator NFTs is limited (although some snapshots were previously taken for a token airdrop) and not much in the way of value accrual as it’s mostly a community badge at this point. That said, this has never degens from pumping floors in the past.

Not a great deal of info on the token apart from the fact it will be used in Shrapnel’s meta-economy, as the gas token on its AVAX side-chain, and given to node operators as rewards.

See how this one plays out but it will likely be chaos over the next 48hrs. Best to wait for it to settle imo and I’ll be sure to follow up with a bit more detail on the token and its long-term potential.

Should note that there has been no mention of this in Shrapnel’s official discord at the time of writing

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