Cash-Backed (Custodian) Stablecoins

We Have USDC (in Cosmos)

At long last, after all these years, the day is here. Cosmos has USDC.


Noble started minting USDC today and so the Cosmos eco no longer needs to rely on bridged USDC from Ethereum. Osmosis has already put through a proposal to make Noble USDC the canonical USDC over Axelar USDC (wrapped from Ethereum) and other chains will do the same.

In addition to USDC, the Cosmos Hub LSM (liquid staking module) is also going live tomorrow, allowing people to liquid stake ATOM without going through the 21 day unbonding period. Liquid staked ATOM sits at ~1% and we expect this number to rise substantially over the coming months.

And not just that, MetaMask released their snaps product today, allowing MM (Ethereum) users to manage wallets on non-EVM chains including the likes of Cosmos and Solana.

With dYdX and Celestia launching soon, the opportunity is now here for the Cosmos eco. The next year will be the most critical in its existence yet.

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