Web3 Game Funding

The funding landscape for the Web3 gaming sector continues on a downward trend that started in Q1 2022, with both funding and the number of deals announced falling roughly 50% compared to March.


However, this is not a trend exclusive to Web3 gaming. As pointed out by Drake Star, the total number of acquisitions dropped by 75% when compared to 2022. Additionally, although April represents one of the lowest months in Web3 gaming funding since 2021, it still represents an 80% increase from the levels seen in December 2022.

Reasons to remain optimistic:

  • We are still seeing a number of Web2 gaming giants move into the space 👉🏻This month it was Razer who announced the launch of its very own Web3 gaming incubator.

  • Funds are still being raised 👉🏻 This month gaming-focused VC Bitkraft announced its new $220.6M token fund.

It is without a doubt that VC focused on the gaming sector will continue to be cautious with their investments. However, that is not to say it is impossible to raise.

We expect the number of early-stage rounds to remain relatively consistent over the coming months and will be paying close attention to how some of the more anticipated gaming projects fair when raising for their Series A + rounds.

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