Wen Crypto's chatGPT Moment

I saw a tweet the other day that made me stop and think.


Now there’s obviously an ideological bend to Anatoly’s remark here. Let’s ignore that for now. The part that made me stop and think was Anatoly’s honesty: his admission that there are no breakout products in crypto (yet). Despite all the hype, shmoney and years of developer activity — there’s still no breakout product.

So, at a high level, what does the state of crypto adoption look like?

Well, Bitcoin has seen the total number of addresses trend up over time. But it’s important to note that 1 address ≠ 1 human being.

Also, when you transform the data above into year-over-year growth rates, they’re good… but not chatGPT-level great.

The same is largely true for Ethereum. On-chain addresses have trended up over time.

But — similar to Bitcoin — address growth on Ethereum has slowed.


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