What Would Happen If Uniswap Activated Its Fee Switch?

It wasn’t until 2020, around the launch of Uniswap (v2), that AMMs began to gain widespread adoption and siphon meaningful market share from their centralized counterparts.

One of the core tenets behind the emergence of DeFi was and still is Uniswap, and its impacts on liquidity provision and volume are undeniable. Its continued success is a testament to the platform’s ability to evolve and meet the needs of its users, as evidenced by its historical and current (~67%) DEX volume market share.

However, despite all of Uniswap’s success, the UNI token has struggled to reap the rewards. This has led many to speculate on the potential impact of its governance activating its highly debated fee switch. In our latest report, Uniswap’s Fee Switch, we quantify these impacts through detailed analysis/forecasts for its volume, fee tier & pool type splits, projected yields, and what a rollout plan might look like.

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