Yuga Labs announces Otherside's Legends of the Mara

The thread above breaks down how Otherside’s Kodas will play a major role in the new Otherside announcement. Kodas is known as the Keepers of the Otherside, which is an ongoing narrative that will bring the BAYC ecosystem into a new virtual world known as Otherside. Otherside strives to become an “interoperable gaming metaverse – a MetaRGP,” which is an open metaverse and game that enables creators to co-create with the team in a massive live multiplayer experience fueled by an on-chain economy driven by APE coin. The team intends to do this via their UGC SDK, and together with their recent hire of ex-Activision Blizzard CEO Daniel Alegre, it signals their intent to build out a full-fledged game economy. How will APE be used in all this? Good question. The APE token’s long-term usefulness will be made possible in Otherside, including the future Otherside marketplace, where players can use APE to buy or sell virtual goods in the game and function as a governance token for APE Coin DAO.

So what exactly does Kodas play in the newly announced Legends of Mara update? They can be assigned to an Otherdeed (Land) to hunt, enchant, or farm. They will also trade on a separate marketplace, completely decoupling from Otherdeeds.

The current Koda collection can be broken down into the following:

Supply: 10K Kodas

Types: Regular, Weapon, Mega

Out of the types, these are their type breakdowns:

Regular: 6761 Supply

Weapon: 3140 Supply

Mega: 99 Supply

More details on Koda’s trait breakdown and weapon tiers can be found in the thread above. As Yuga Labs continues to expand on its open metaverse vision, expect more announcements to be made in the following weeks and months. Yuga Labs has solidified itself as the clear leader in the NFT space, with a massive roadmap ahead; expect more partnerships and more visual storytelling prowess from the behemoth web3 brand.

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