Keone Hon of Monad: 10,000 TPS & Full EVM Equivalence - A New Era for Ethereum Apps

FEB 13, 2024 • 54 Min

Tom Shaughnessy
Tom Shaughnessy
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In this episode, Keone Hon dives deep on Monad, a high-performance Ethereum-compatible layer 1 blockchain focused on delivering high performance and drastically lower transaction costs.

We discuss Monad’s key technical innovations like MonadBFT consensus, parallel execution, and a custom database enabling 10,000+ TPS. Keone explains how these breakthroughs allow complex 100K gas transactions costing just a fraction of a cent, 100x cheaper than even leading Layer 2s.

We also explore how Monad achieves this while maintaining decentralization and a rich developer experience via full EVM equivalence. Tune in to learn why Monad could be a game changer for builders and users looking maximize performance and minimize costs.

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Tom Shaughnessy
Tom Shaughnessy