Tory Green:’s 500,000 GPUs Powering Crypto x AI on Solana

APR 08, 2024 • 57 Min

Tom Shaughnessy
Tom Shaughnessy
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Listen to the episode on Spotify: is a distributed training and inference project built on Solana. They aim to solve the problem of the GPU shortage in the AI industry by building a decentralized network that connects underutilized GPUs from multiple sources. Ionet uses clustering technology to combine GPUs from different geographic locations, allowing for more efficient and cost-effective AI compute. They are attracting both web2 and web3 customers, with a focus on inferencing, which makes up the majority of the market. The goal is to decentralize the AI ecosystem and prevent big tech companies from controlling all aspects of AI. is a decentralized AI network that provides GPU compute power for AI workloads. They are focused on solving the compute aspect of decentralized AI and offer a network of choice for users to perform inference, fine-tuning, and training. The team is driven by a sense of urgency and executes quickly, following operational best practices. They have a disciplined go-to-market approach, targeting Series A to seed-generated AI companies. aims to be the currency at the center of decentralized AI and is exploring the possibility of building a decentralized model marketplace and expanding into other areas like gaming and zero knowledge.



00:00 Introduction to Ionet

01:03 Solving the GPU Shortage

13:24 Attracting Web2 and Web3 Customers

27:51 Building a Decentralized Model Marketplace

29:47 The Role of Crypto in Incentivizing Participants

32:37 Easy Onboarding for GPU Workers

34:00 Organic Demand and Onboarding Sales Process

37:20 Choice and Flexibility in Compute Options

43:22 Conquering the Three Key Stakeholders in Decentralized AI

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Tom Shaughnessy
Tom Shaughnessy

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