Smokey The Bera: Berachain Is A Playground for Infinite Economic Games

JUN 19, 2024 • 57 Min

Tom Shaughnessy
Tom Shaughnessy
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Berachain is an EVM-compatible L1 blockchain powered by Proof-of-Liquidity. Users earn the native token, BGT, by providing liquidity to applications on the chain. Join us as we speak to Berachain’s cofounder on how the chain works, it’s liquidity framework and the roadmap ahead!

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00:00 Introduction
08:37 Overview of Berachain: EVM-Compatible L1 Blockchain
16:03 Incentivizing Liquidity and Applications on Berachain
25:49 Combining Security and Liquidity on Berachain
28:07 Tying Liquidity to Security
30:31 Curating Applications in DeFi, Gaming, and Social
34:42 Raising Funds and Expanding Internationally
45:28 Attracting Established Projects and Supporting Struggling Applications
54:01 Incentive Design, Launch Plans, and Supporting the App Layer Ecosystem

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Tom Shaughnessy
Tom Shaughnessy