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Priyansh Patel


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Priyansh is a Markets Research Analyst at Delphi. His main area of focus is unearthing bubbling narratives and unplugging niche market trends.

yessir, I am with you. We just gotta time it and not get caught on the downswing and this development warrants some caution IMO

I'm not sure if the downside will be capped at 25%, but it should ideally hold up better when compared to similar tokens. The unlock schedule can be found in their documentation, but I reckon that it will look quite different as people lock up their RDNT for better yield.

Thank you, sir! Yes exactly, the FA is synonymous with the TA which makes RDNT a great play IMO! I reckon that it should start getting priced sooner rather than later.

I would long FXS and short DOT in equal size. If you need to put on some serious size, I'd recommend buying FXS on-chain as CEX liquidity is not as great. In this case, you can buy spot FXS and short DOT.

Yes, I do! Because the revenue sharing aspect of a token largely comes through staking, and if holders are incentivized to stake/not sell, that leads to reduced selling pressure and would, in all likelihood, lead to it outperforming a token with the same characteristics besides revenue sharing.

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