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Really well done PonderingDurian - I have no doubt this is the main timeless center of gravity when thinking about centralized vs Crypto x AI.

Hi everyone, I just wanted to call out one error in our table.

Our table shows a TAO (Bittensor) FDV of $3.6B. This was commonly shared on Twitter and Coingecko originally had this as the wrong value. The actual FDV right now is $14.5B. Coingecko has fixed this issue.

Thus yields on our table understate the APYs comparable to TAO. We will add updated image below in the post .

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Do you have a rough estimate of value accrual in percentage terms for the various actors under each situation?

In an Ethereum L2 + Alt-DA world, would the majority of rev go to the DA layer for instance?

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Do you feel theres any chance the Chainflip team would switch to USDe or a decentralized stable long term?

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How much BNB does Binance have left in its treasury? Curious when the buy/burn moves to secondary markets vs through the treasury.

With Anoma, user intents are gossiped to solvers who compete to create a transaction and link the two sides together.

How are the solvers rated and policed? I.e. If I am specifying a trade 1ETH for as much USDC as possible, how much time do solvers have to complete on offering the most USDC here? Does the user set an intent completion time?

For example - One solver may offer $2,000 in a minute, one may offer $2010 in 2 minutes.

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