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Short-term wise, I think something like a Binance listing will be able to bring some excitement back and lead to some upside. But you're right, token inflation is vvv high in the first year + incoming airdrop 2 which farmers already suffered heavy losses from farming. Blur will recover one day, but a good guess is between 9-12 months from now in my opinion.

Great question! I think its not comparable - in a sense Blur is dominating with a huge lead (in both marketplace & lending of >50% overall market share), while X2Y2 and LooksRare only consist less than 5% of market share. I think liquidity is just leaving NFTs as a whole here. Challengers are not beneficiaries but rather they're just feeling the aftermath of likely a buyer capitualtion type event

That's a good question! From what I see, yes, smaller airdrops (0.5-1000 BLUR tokens) all did no action so far. But what I find interesting is within the top 100 airdrop recipients, more than 60% did no action as well, including the largest airdrop recipient who received 15.9M BLUR tokens.

Good question! I'm actually working on a BLUR token report right now and will explore what that would look like. But it really depends on how much volume the marketplace is doing and also what the actual take rate is (0.5% min 2.5% max) and how that is split between marketplace and token holders

@Gutz Basically looks something like this: <script t="10,1,2,3" src="/content/<compile inscription id>" m='{"p":"brc69" "op":"mint" "s":"ordibots" "id":"0"}' ></script>

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