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A DAO Masterclass with Aaron Wright

Dec 18, 2020 ·

By Jose Maria Macedo

Chain Reaction Host Jose Maria Macedo hosts Aaron Wright, cofounder of OpenLaw, The LAO and now Flamingo DAO. Aaron is a professor at Cardozo Law School and is at the forefront of DAOs, having been involved in Bitcoin since 2011, and Ethereum since 2015. Before this, Aaron was a successful entrepreneur, having sold his first company to Wikia – the for-profit version of Wikipedia, which he grew to be one of the largest websites on the internet. 

Aaron provides a DAO masterclass, discussing what they are, why they matter, and his vision for DAOs as the next evolution in a long history of human organization dating back to Ancient Rome.

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Show Notes:

(2:06)    –  Aaron Wright Background.

(4:35)    –  Organizations: History, Concepts and Functions.

(7:25)    –  Insights about DAO / Long-term Vision.

(12:47)    –  Experimenting with Types of Organizations in the real world.

(14:26)    –  DAO main categories.

(15:41)    –  Insights about Fund Structures.

(19:14)    –  DAO’s interaction with the Traditional Legal System.

(25:32)    –  Why a Delaware LLC.

(26:43)    –  Insights about DAO legal compliance.

(30:35)    –  LAO, OpenLaw big Use Case.

(35:11)    –  Why build on Moloch.

(36:49)    –  Credit Delegation System Background / Walkthrough.

(41:33)    –  OpenLaw, merging the Traditional World with Crypto.

(44:40)    –  The Future of the Legal System.

(49:07)    –  The Security in Off-chain Assets Settlements.

(56:21)    – Insights about Governance Tokens value / DAO projects.

(1:03:41)    –  Exciting things happening in the DAO Space.

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