Analyzing Price Action: BTC & SPX Update

FEB 24, 2023 • 1 Min Read

Jason Pagoulatos Jason Pagoulatos
The author(s) of this report may personally hold material positions in BTC. The authors have not pur

A shortish video discussing current market price action using a lot of the concepts from the Market Frameworks Report series.

1.5-2x speed is recommended

If you haven’t already, we highly recommend giving these reports a read. They’ll give you the background understanding and underpinnings behind many of the concepts and methodologies discussed in the video.

Markets Framework Report Series:

Part 1: Reflexivity & the Fall of the Efficient Market Hypothesis

Part 2: Liquidity Cascades & the Evolution of Financial Markets

Part 3: Volatility, Order Flow, & the Inelastic Market Hypothesis

Part 4: Following The Market’s Footprints: Order Flow Explained

Analyzing Price Action: Markets Framework Video

AMT  Reports:

Navigating the Wake of Choppy Selloffs and Auction Market Theory & Invalida

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