Axie Part 1 - Fundamentals That Can't Be Overlooked

JUL 01, 2021 • 12 Min Read

Yan Liberman, CFA, CAIA + 2 others Jayden AndrewJoo Kian Yan Liberman, CFA, CAIA
Disclosure: Delphi Ventures has invested in AXS. Members of our team also hold AXS and Axie NFTs. Th

Axie Infinity is the digital battle pet game taking the world by storm. It’s the poster child of the play-to-earn gaming movement, helping thousands of people across the globe earn a living as we speak. Even billionaire Mark Cuban has caught the Axie bug, in his words, “now anybody around the world can play and make money playing.” Coupled with their recent launch of Ronin, the release of the Play-To-Earn documentary, and crossing the 1 million Axie mark, there’s plenty to be excited about at Axie. 

In this report, we take a deep dive into all things Axie. We present the latest statistics reflecting Axie’s soaring popularity, explore the economics of Axie breeding, examine the performance of Axie’s treasury revenue since the Ronin launch and observe the fascinating interplay between SLP price, supply, and burn. For those of you wanting to adopt a digital battle pet of your own, we provide an overview of the Axie marketplace. Finally, we leave you with an explorat

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    Yan Liberman, CFA, CAIA + 2 others Jayden AndrewJoo Kian Yan Liberman, CFA, CAIA