Bridging Fragmented Liquidity: Hop & Connext

JUN 16, 2021 • 19 Min Read

Can Gurel + 1 other Alex Gedevani Can Gurel


Ethereum L2s need interoperability. This can entail layer 2 exits and broader L2:L2 communication. With gas fees increasing, users would like to avoid having to go through Ethereum Layer 1. Liquidity is already getting fragmented across scaling solutions. Most interop approaches range from Rollups (native crosschain validation), MPC bridges like Ren to 1:1 swaps like Connext. At the end of the day many facets of interoperability boil down to the trustlessness of the bridges used. In this report we dive into two innovative solutions, Hop and Connext, that aim to facilitate the growth of cross-chain value transfer to create a better UX. 

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    Can Gurel + 1 other Alex Gedevani Can Gurel