December Gaming Roundup

JAN 04, 2023 • 14 Min Read

Joseph :|: JACL Joseph :|: JACL
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🪩 This Past Month in Web3 Gaming

The year has ended far from the highs of early January, and as this month’s report will go on to highlight, there is little in the way of bullish news when it comes to the current state of Web3 gaming. With that in mind, we’ll go over what happened in the markets and zoom out to look at Q4’s overall performance. We will also look deeper into a number of topics, including:

  • Planet IX’s growth throughout Q4. Is it sustainable?
  • How the reveal of new features for Axie Infinity impacted metrics.
  • The game-related funding landscape in December (the lowest month all year!).
  • Some noteworthy game updates, drama from Epic and Mythical Games, and more firms and executives joining the Web3 space.

📈 State of the Market

The total market cap for all gaming-related tokens dropped 14% to $6.34B in December. When we look a

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