Enforceable Creator Royalties

MAR 02, 2023 • 12 Min Read

Jimin Jimin
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The NFT market has grown exponentially since its inception, with NFT exchanges participating in an escalating war. To siphon users from each other, creators have become collateral damage as exchanges have callously removed the enforcement of royalty fees. Creators are left powerless with a dying revenue source amid turbulent market conditions.

However, with the advent of enforceable on-chain royalty solutions, such as EIP-4910 and further developed by Limit Break, the power may shift toward creators and collectors once again. However, Limit Break’s solution stirs a philosophical discussion on whether smart contracts should prohibit free market trading or whether it is a necessary “evil” for NFT creators to survive. This report will explore enforceable royalties for creators and collectors alike and hypothetical implementations in future games.

Current Royalty Standards

The curre

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