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Glen Weyl: New Economic Ideas For Unprecedented Times

Dec 10, 2020 ·

By Jose Maria Macedo


Chain Reaction Host Jose Maria Macedo hosts Glen Weyl, economist and Principal Researcher at Microsoft. Glen Weyl famously wrote Radical Markets, one of the most original and creative economic treatises of our time. One of the book’s most vocal fans was Vitalik himself, and Vitalik and Glen have since collaborated on multiple initiatives, including the original Quadratic Funding paper which later spawned Gitcoin. Glen has also founded a social movement called RadicalxChange Foundation which seeks to implement his ideas.

In this conversation, Glen explores his novel economic ideas and how they can be used to create new social technologies that solve some of today’s hardest problems.



Show Notes:

(1:08) – Basic Ideas – Capitalism and Central Planning.

(2:10) – Factors that contribute to The Decline in Productivity, combined with the Inequality (Stagnant Quality).

(4:07) – Inequality, a bigger problem than a feature.

(7:11) – Insights about Property being Monopoly / Solutions.

(12:55) – Quadratic Finance / How do we democratize Markets.

(14:56) – Insights about Private Property as a core part of Capitalism.

(19:24) – Bring Markets to Democracy.

(22:59) – Quadratic Voting.

(28:16) – Systems of Corporations vs Systems of Central Planning.

(30:03) – Governance, the different systems that have existed in the US and UK.

(33:07) – Implementations of Governance in the Crypto Space.

(35:24) – Fund collect goods in order to make Taxation more efficient.

(38:28) – Coercion, a part of supplying Public Goods.

(40:40) – Insights about Data Monopoly / Crypto as a possible solution.

(49:20) – iEmbrace Contradictions!

(50:44) – A global social movement called RadicalxChange.

(53:33) – Books that have influenced Glen Weyl the most.

(54:11) – Favorite Film, Sorry to Bother You by Boots Riley.