Is Solana NFT Summer Here? Part II: NFT Finance & Claynosaurz

APR 21, 2023 • 18 Min Read

Teng Yan Teng Yan
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Perhaps “Solana Summer,” which first gained traction in 2021, was just delayed by two years. In 2023, the Solana NFT ecosystem is flourishing more than ever. Numerous protocols are launching their tokens on the platform and NFT floor prices are experiencing an upward trend.

In Part I of our Solana NFT deep dive released earlier this year, we looked at the ecosystem metrics that have propelled Solana to its current status as the second-largest NFT ecosystem, standing just behind Ethereum. Our analysis led us to believe that NFT development and trading activity on Solana will not only continue to thrive, but also maintain its strong position as the second-largest NFT ecosystem after Ethereum throughout 2023.

We further delved into the NFT marketplace landscape, identifying emerging platforms such as Tensor which show great pote

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