NFT Photography and the Future of Digital Art

APR 05, 2023 • 24 Min Read

Yun Heng Lin Yun Heng Lin
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The ubiquity of smartphones and social media platforms has revolutionized visual storytelling, with photographs playing a central role in this transformation. NFTs have emerged as a potent resource for photographers, empowering them to safeguard and monetize their intellectual property.

The power of blockchain technology has enabled photographers to create unique, one-of-a-kind NFTs that are impossible to counterfeit, allowing them to bypass traditional distribution networks and expand their revenue streams. Moreover, photography has always adapted to new technologies, from film to digital images. Now, with NFTs, collectors can own rare and special pictures that were previously out of reach.

New opportunities on photography NFT platforms have made royalty fees and artist payments important topics of discussion. Royalty payments enable cr

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