Pro Crypto Insider Talks - March 2023

MAR 24, 2023 • 2 Min Read

Kevin Kelly, CFA Kevin Kelly, CFA


Key Takeaways

Raoul Pal, Kevin Kelly, and Ash Bennington engage in a comprehensive discussion on the current state of the crypto market, stablecoins, and the global economy. They cover a range of topics in this conversation, including:

  1. The impact of peaking rates and loosening policy on crypto, along with tightening onramps and offramps in the US, and how other countries like the UK, Hong Kong, and Singapore may step up in terms of crypto regulation.
  2. The significance of liquidity as the strongest macro force in the market, and how Bitcoin’s stronger narrative and leverage compared to gold may contribute to its rally.
  3. Predictions of a guaranteed recession and a slow recovery due to sticky unemployment, the impact of AI technologies like ChatGPT on inflation, and the commercial real estate overhang.
  4. The potential effects of stablecoins on the banking system and the Fed’s role in addressi

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