Select Stablecoin Market Caps Decline As Binance Auto-Converts To BUSD

OCT 05, 2022 • 3 Min Read

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A trillion-dollar financial services company is launching an Ethereum fund and a bankrupt crypto fund’s multi-million dollar NFT portfolio is repossessed by liquidators. Elsewhere, Twitter confirms a buyout by Elon Musk as DOGE pumps on the news. Just another sign of a rational, healthy, and fully functional market.

Market caps of select stablecoins are trending down, and our Media team takes a look at how regulators are responding to the censorship-resistant nature of Ethereum.

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🚨 In Case You Missed It

  • NFTs owned by the bankrupt crypto fund, Three Arrows Capital were transferred to a Gnosis Safe wallet as liquidators explore an eventual sale.
  • Etherscan will stop supporting Ropsten and Rinkeby testnets. The Ethereum Foundation also plans to move over to Goerli and Sepolia testnets.
  • Fidelity launches a new fund to invest in ETH. The fund has already raised $5m from accredited investors.
  • The EU finalizes the full legal text of its landmark crypto legislation that introduces licenses for wallets and exchanges.

📊 Select Stablecoin Market Caps Fall As Binance Moves To BUSD

  • Since the start of September, the market cap of USDC is down -11%, USDP is down -5%, and TUSD is down -17%. On the other hand, the market cap of BUSD is up 10% during the same period.
  • This divergence in the total supply of these stablecoins can be attributed to a move announced by Binance on Sept 5th. The exchange stated that it will auto-convert any USDC, USDP, and TUSD balances held by users to BUSD.
  • Additionally, the exchange announced that it will delist spot trading pairs associated with these stablecoins and stop accepting them as margin assets for futures.
  • Users can still deposit or withdraw these stablecoins, but they will be converted to BUSD for use on the exchange.
  • While combining different stablecoins into one enhances liquidity and capital efficiency for traders, it also helps Binance increase the usage of its native BUSD stablecoin over others.
  • The market cap of USDT, a major stablecoin that was not included in the announcement, remains unaffected during this period.

📺 Ethereum: The Big Red Line

  • Ethereum is currently facing its largest battle test yet. In August, the U.S. Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) sanctioned Tornado Cash and arrested its creator Alexey Pertsev.
  • This caused Flashbots, Ethereum’s largest block builder, and other decentralized applications (dApps) to start censoring transactions on Ethereum, a supposedly permissionless network.
  • How much power do the U.S. regulators have over Ethereum? Is Ethereum and its dApps truly decentralized? And will Ethereum survive?
  • Show Notes
    • 00:00:00 – Opening
    • 00:00:34 – What makes Ethereum special?
    • 00:02:36 – U.S. Regulators move against crypto.
    • 00:04:10 – Tornado Cash sanctions & Alexey Pertsev’s arrest.
    • 00:06:40 – Censorship by decentralized applications.
    • 00:07:54 – Crypto fights back.
    • 00:08:40 – Ethereum validator censorship scenarios.
    • 00:11:27 – Consequences of U.S. regulations.
    • 00:14:07 – The future of Ethereum.
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