Farms on Arbitrum, Airdrops and Redeemable NFT Rewards

SEP 11, 2021 • 5 Min Read

Disclosure: Members of our team are participating in the following farms. This statement is intended

This week’s yield strat focuses on yield farming in Arbitrum, Airdrops on Ethereum and Redeemable NFTs for rewards on Solana. NYAN is bootstrapping liquidity and community members with its fair distribution and loveable NYAN meme. SushiSwap is continuing to expand onto every EVM-compatible chain and has launched on Arbitrum. The recent DYDX retroactive rewards have Ethereum users searching for the next airdrop. A new Solana money market, Apricot Finance have announced redeemable NFTs for rewards.

ArbiNYAN Farm

ArbiNYAN is the first fair launch token on

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