Yield Strats #6

MAR 26, 2021 • 2 Min Read

Disclosure: Delphi Ventures and members of our team hold YFI, FARM, ETH and BTC. This statement is i

In this week’s edition of Yield Strats, we’ll compare single / price-pegged vaults for major assets (BTC, ETH and stablecoins) across both Yearn and Harvest. All data mentioned below is current as of March 26th, 2021. Let’s take a look at how they stack up against each other.

Highest Yielding ETH Farms

Yearn V2 Lido Staked ETH2.0 Curve Pool –

  • TVL: $84.8m
  • Exposure: ETH (volatile)
  • Staked Asset(s): crvSTETH Curve LP token (currently 42% ETH, 58% stETH exposure)
  • Subject to IL?: No
  • Subject to Liquidation?: No
  • Reward Asset: crvSTETH LP token
  • Annual APY: 25.48%
  • Links: Lido stETH, Curve Pool, Yearn Vault

Harvest Finance Lido Staked ETH2.0 Curve Pool –


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