A Primer for Fully On-Chain Games

If you believe blockchain’s role in gaming is to evolve beyond an incremental value add, then a natural path of progression for many projects will be towards an end-state that is fully on-chain. This transition of state will subsequently lead to a meaningful expansion of the surface area for experimentation. Many of the most attractive properties of a blockchain-based architecture (permissionless composability, immutable, persistent, etc.) are only unlocked under this framework.

The TLDR is that we are witnessing a renaissance in blockchain gaming and expect to see innovative ideas and credible products make it to market over the next 12-24 months. That said, the current technical limitations mean that in the short term, we are unlikely to see product-market-fit or scalable games with a legitimate chance to carve out a slice of the ~$184.4B global gaming revenue pie.

This report will look to define what a fully on-chain game is, where they lie on the spectrum of blockchain games, highlight some of the leading projects, outline the key considerations, and speculate on how things will develop in the future.

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