Delphi Roundup | April 6th

Recent Research

📊 NFT Photography and the Future of Digital Art – 4/5

  • The NFT photography market grew to nearly $200M in 2021 alone, rivaling the size of the traditional fine art print photography market.
  • Overall volume for photography NFTs is dominated by three major collections — Twin Flames, Where My Vans Go, and Editions x Guido.
  • The photography NFT collections that are usually successful tend to have a limited number of items, as the scarcity and the creator’s personal branding are major factors that determine the worth of the NFT.
  • Quantum Art, Arttaca, Fellowship, and Cheeze are a few promising photography-specific marketplaces.
  • Justin Aversano, Reuben Wu, Cath Simard, and Kristopher Shinn are some of the most successful NFT photographers.

📊 Bull v Bear – Checking Market Temperature – 4/5

  • In this week’s episode, we checked in on the banking crisis, OI and its relation to altcoins, Jamie Dimon’s letter to shareholders, ETH’s possible breakout, what Binance legal issues would mean, and how ready DeFi is to absorb future centralized volume.

📊 March Gaming Roundup – 4/4

  • The total market cap for gaming-related tokens has remained relatively stable compared to February, ending the month at $11.8B.
  • The four standout performers in Q1 were GALA, IMX, MAGIC, and more recently, RON.
  • Despite the relatively bullish QoQ metrics across the top 10 gaming tokens, the total number of unique active wallets and transactions with gaming-related dApps has fallen since the start of the year.
  • Compared to February, the total number of deals announced and amount of funding raised in March fell 47% and 19%, respectively.
  • ImmutableX is joining forces with Polygon to transition away from StarkWare and launch its own zkEVM chain.

Relevant Reminder

📌 Braindrops: Pioneering the AI Art Movement – 3/27

  • The world has been enthralled by AI this year, and for good reason; AI is a species-level shift that could shape the rest of our lives. Riding on this theme, AI art is poised to be one of the defining mediums of the digital art revolution.
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