Delphi Roundup | July 12th

Recent Research

📊 Bull v Bear – Understanding COIN’s Dynamics – 7/12

  • In today’s episode, we examine COIN as it takes center stage in Market Matters. Is COIN acting as a higher beta version of BTC and ETH, or should we view it in the same light as tech stocks like Tesla or Nvidia? In Bullish or Bearish, we scrutinize Rollbit, the hot leader of the Gamble-Fi narrative. Join us for this deep-dive into today’s critical market dynamics.

📊 Check the Chain – Return of the Yield – 7/6

  • Amid DeFi’s changing narrative, true yield is resurfacing. In this episode, join Jordan as he explores stablecoin yield rooted in protocol revenue. Spotlighting Voltz, IPOR, Maverick, and Thales, he positions these protocols on a risk-reward matrix, using T-Bills as our tradfi benchmark. Tune in to uncover the potential upside hidden in stablecoin positions and witness the resurgence of yield in DeFi.

📊 Getting a BIT Mantle – 7/6

  • Mantle Network positions itself as a modular L2 that brings together features like modular data availability, MPC, and decentralized sequencers to achieve high scalability and improved user experience.
  • This report dives into how Mantle Network’s modular L2 solution works, why it stands a strong chance of a successful launch, and what potential future could unfold for the Mantle ecosystem.
  • Mantle’s distinctive incorporation of EigenDA promises a reduction in gas fees by as much as 70%, providing significant cost benefits to end users.
  • At present, Mantle’s treasury is valued at $2.35B. It consists of $1.48B in BIT, $507M in ETH, $308M in stablecoins, and the rest in other tokens like APEX, FTT, XSUSHI, and a BIT liquidity pool position.
  • With the BIP-21 proposal passed, BIT will soon be convertible to MNT at a 1:1 ratio, according to MIP-22.

Relevant Reminder

📌 A Primer for Fully On-Chain Games – 6/29

  • If you believe blockchain’s role in gaming is to evolve beyond an incremental value add, then a natural path of progression for many projects will be towards an end-state that is fully on-chain.
  • We are witnessing a renaissance in blockchain gaming and expect to see innovative ideas and credible products make it to market over the next 12-24 months.
  • That said, the current technical limitations mean that we are unlikely to see product-market fit or scalable games in the near term.
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